Past Champions
  • 2016|Craig Calderone & Thomas Calderone
  • 2015|Michael Calderone & Thomas Calderone
  • 2014|Doug Blume & Dave Cavendar
  • 2013|Dave Lassanske & Horia Neagos
  • 2012|David Darling & Nate Scholten
  • 2011|Michael Calderone
  • 2010|Dave Lassanske & Horia Neagos
  • 2009|David Darling
  • 2008|Horia Neagos
  • 2007|Dave Lassanske
  • 2006|Horia Neagos
  • 2005|Horia Neagos

2014 Preview

Hopefully the last weekend in July, 2014 finds all of you in great spirits and ready for some outstanding grass court doubles competition at the River Glen Lawn and Tennis Club as the 10th Masters of Grass Championships is finally upon all of us. Incredibly enough, this is the tenth edition of this hollow tournament, and thankfully it brings back not just wonderful memories but tremendous competitors from yesteryears. The time to determine who the true legends of grass court tennis in the wonderful state of Michigan really are. Once again, the dress code will be strictly observed, and an all-white attire is asked of all the participant

The bottom half of the draw’s analysis MUST begin with the two seeded pair and two of the original MOGs paired together once more in search of the elusive title to date. Todd Dobben and Matt Lantz are primed and ready to win, using two main weapons: incredible physical condition and the two biggest forehands in the draw. Surely, they will be a force to be reckoned with. Additionally, the bottom half contains a number of upcoming threats as well as wily veterans such as Doug Blume and David Cavender and Spring Arbor University standouts, Andrew Fitzpatrick and Michael Darling.

The top half contains a number of impressive challengers. The father-son combination of Johnny and Derek Sammons are surely a force on any surface but especially on grass, Johnny’s court coverage and Derek’s serving will be massive. Awaiting them, the pairing of Romano and Jurzack provide perhaps the most anticipated first round showdown. Additionally, the top half features willy vets, Dan Peters and Ben Barth aka “Orange Crush” who will be making a much anticipated comeback. Finally, Dave Lassanske and Horia Neagos are seeking to extend their unbeaten run at the Championships, and secure a third MOG title together and the 6th for Horia and 4th for Dave.

While others may not be mentioned, this year’s tournament promises to be wide open. Play is designed to begin on Wednesday, July 23, with first round matches sprinkled through the week at night. Saturday morning, July 26, the play begins at 9:00 am. The organizers are hoping for a large turnout of fans, food and drinks will be provided, and entrance as usual will be free. We are looking forward to seeing everyone out there, and may the best team win!

Horia Neagos