Past Champions
  • 2016|Craig Calderone & Thomas Calderone
  • 2015|Michael Calderone & Thomas Calderone
  • 2014|Doug Blume & Dave Cavendar
  • 2013|Dave Lassanske & Horia Neagos
  • 2012|David Darling & Nate Scholten
  • 2011|Michael Calderone
  • 2010|Dave Lassanske & Horia Neagos
  • 2009|David Darling
  • 2008|Horia Neagos
  • 2007|Dave Lassanske
  • 2006|Horia Neagos
  • 2005|Horia Neagos

2016 Recap

Craig Calderone and Thomas Calderone came out as the victors this year with a 6-3 6-3 victory over Michael and Terry Darling
A well-played final that had to be delayed for rain. Unfortunately, Dave and Horia could not make it back in time with the rain delay and the
Darkness looming. We had a delay rain issue on Thursday night and most of the day on Sunday.

The Masters of Grass has come and gone for 2016. We had 33 players in the tournament this year.
A record turn- out filled the seats. We had over 120 for the Saturday event and a rough total of over 150 for the week.
We had players come from each side of the State. ( Holland, Muskegon, Coldwater, Gross Ille and even Angola Indiana )

Matt Lantz, Dave Lassanske, Vince McShane, Horia Neagos, Nick Ramano, Tommy Calderone, Jonah Engle, Jason Engle, Michael Darling, Terry Darling,
Brad Wilcox, Tony Mayotte and Andrew Fitzpatrick either graduated or will be attending SAU this year. This tournament is a great way to bridge the gap
from the older veterans and the youthful future. We always look forward to sharing memories and talking about the great shots at the MOG.

Some of the greatest shots that I saw during this year’s tournament…. Brad Wilcox running up the right sidelines towards the net post for a drop shot
and then hitting a cut or squash shot back down the middle. Pretty shot Brad. Match point with Sam and Michael, Sam returned Craig’s overhead
and then Craig it a short angle drop shot. Michael dove for it and came up short.

I would like to Thank all of the people who played and came to watch. The court played wonderful this year. Most of that is because of Chris Pollack. His preventative maintenance really helped this year.
Dave Lassanske for his Web support and Horia for his consulting role.
A special thanks to Scott and Bobbi Blakemore, Steve and Patti Ordway, John and Joan Dobben, Brian, Finn, Nash and Angela Crosby. They helped with food or chairs or blowing the court off.
Would not be possible without my wife and all of the cleaning and cooking she did for those days. By the way, this is still the only Doubles tournament in Jackson and
The longest running tournament in Jackson. ( 10 days in total )

See you next year everyone…Plan on the 2017 MOG sometime towards the end of July

Let me know if you want to come hit on the court during the year.