Past Champions
  • 2016|Craig Calderone & Thomas Calderone
  • 2015|Michael Calderone & Thomas Calderone
  • 2014|Doug Blume & Dave Cavendar
  • 2013|Dave Lassanske & Horia Neagos
  • 2012|David Darling & Nate Scholten
  • 2011|Michael Calderone
  • 2010|Dave Lassanske & Horia Neagos
  • 2009|David Darling
  • 2008|Horia Neagos
  • 2007|Dave Lassanske
  • 2006|Horia Neagos
  • 2005|Horia Neagos

Centre court is located in Jackson, Michigan and is available for viewing and playing.

Although the court is private, Todd loves to have people play on it. For available court times contact him by clicking here or look him up if you are in Jackson.